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    NILOA have recognized Faculty of Engineering as experts in the field of outcomes assessments and have published our work in their April 2016 newsletter and links on their website for “Assessment in Practice”

    NILOA is a world famous organization specializing in outcomes assessments, supported by Lumina Foundation, Teagle Foundation.
    Established in 2008, the mission of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) is to discover and disseminate ways that academic programs and institutions can productively use assessment data internally to inform and strengthen undergraduate education, and externally to communicate with policy makers, families and other stakeholders.

    NILOA assists institutions and others in discovering and adopting promising practices in the assessment of college student learning outcomes. Documenting what students learn, know and can do is of growing interest to colleges and universities, accrediting groups, higher education associations, foundations and others beyond campus, including students, their families, employers, and policy makers.

    362 Term Reviews Complete


    The term 362 reviews for CE, EE and ME were completed this month with great work and support by all concerned faculty members.

    Additionally ENGR, PHYS and MATH courses were covered in separate reviews.

    The reviews for the various programs are based on the ABET Student Outcomes values are calculated through various performance indicators PIs measured in various course assessments.
    The reviews involve reporting weaknesses and creating action items to correct these weaknesses.
    The Action Items are immediately assigned electronically to the concerned committees.

    CE first to implement CIMS


    Civil Engineering program became the first to utilize EvalTools 6 Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS) for reporting their CE committee review meeting minutes.

    The CIMS system features task creation, elevation, transfer and interface with all committees across the Faculty of Engineering

    Faculty of Engineering presentation at ICA, QIYAS Riyadh


    QIYAS conducted an
    International Conference
    on Outcomes Assessment
    in Riyadh at the
    Intercontinental on
    Dec 1,2 and 3 2015.
    This was a great event with
    international figures presenting world opinion
    of OBE systems and latest research and opinions.
    The Faculty of Engineering IU presented a distinguished paper at the conference.
    Dr. Kurt Geisinger Buros testing called IU presentation a “Great presentation”
    Dr William Spady “Father OBE” called our work “Excellent work &  sound processes”
    Ministry of Education and QIYAS officials, Several deanships and almost 15 professors across the kingdom praised the work done at IU.
    The details of the keynote speakers:
    The agenda for the conference:
    Video sessions of the speakers:
    Video session of Wajid Hussain:
    Speakers presentations:
    List of research abstracts:

    IU NCAAA Accreditation Efforts


    Faculty of Engineering Quality Management department receives acknowledgement of fulfillment of syllabus design and course to program/student outcomes matrix mapping criteria from Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation for IU NCAAA institutional accreditation efforts

    Industrial Tour

    Faculty of Engineering students on an industrial tour participating in a presentation

    SABIC Field Trip

    Field trips a must for engineering programs!

    Practical Exposure

    Practical exposure to Industrial applications is the one of the best learning activities for engineering students.


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