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  • Table 1: Key of Tens Digits in Civil Engineering Department Course Codes Numbers

    Tens DigitSpecialty
    0General Civil Engineering
    1Structural Engineering
    2Geotechnical Engineering
    3Environmental Engineering
    4Transportation Engineering
    5Water Resources Engineering
    6Architectural Engineering
    7Surveying and Geomatics Engineering
    8Construction Management
    9Summer Training, Special Topics and Senior Design Projects
  • Bachelor's Degree Plan (B.Sc. in Civil Engineering)

    For Students who will finish Prep Year in June 2017/Jan 2018 (Batches 381-382)

    Total Credit Hours for Graduation: 132

  • Key to Course Code Numbers and Department Codes

    Each course is referred to by an alphabetical code and a three digit number as follows:

    1. Civil Engineering Department is referred to by the code “CE”.
    2. The hundreds digit refers to the academic level (1 = 1st year, 2 = 2nd year, 3 = 3rd year, 4 = 4th year).
    3. The tens digit refers to the specialty group within the department as shown in Table 1 below.
    4. The ones digit refers to course serial within the same specialty.