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  • New Bachelor's Degree Plan

    For Students who will finish Prep Year in June 2016/Jan 2017 (Batches 361-362)

    Total Credit Hours for Graduation: 153

  • 6th Semester Courses

    TotalUNITS (Th / Pr)15/04C.H.17
    COURSE TITLETechnical English and Report WritingCODE/NO.ELAN 202ARABIC CODE/NO.لغة 202
    DescriptionContent coming soon
    COURSE TITLEDifferential EquationsCODE/NO.MATH 204ARABIC CODE/NO.ريض 204
    DescriptionContent coming soon
    COURSE TITLECircuit Theory IICODE/NO.EE 202ARABIC CODE/NO.كهرب 202
    UNITS (Th / Pr)3/2C.H.4PRE-REQUISITESEE 201,
    Co-Req.: MATH 204
    DescriptionContent coming soon
    COURSE TITLEElectronics ICODE/NO.EE 212ARABIC CODE/NO.كهرب 212
    DescriptionContent coming soon
    COURSE TITLEElectromagnetic Field TheoryCODE/NO.EE 282ARABIC CODE/NO.كهرب 282
    UNITS (Th / Pr)3/0C.H.3PRE-REQUISITESEE 201, MATH 203
    DescriptionContent coming soon

  • Key to Course Code Numbers and Department Codes

    Each course is referred to by an alphabetical code and a three digit number as follows:

    1. Electrical Engineering Department is referred to by the code “EE”.
    2. The hundreds digit refers to the academic level (1 = 1st year, 2 = 2nd year, 3 = 3rd year, 4 = 4th year).
    1. The tens digit refers to the specialty group within the department as shown in Table 1 below.
    1. The ones digit refers to course serial within the same specialty.