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  • Bachelor's Degree Plan (B.Sc. in Civil Engineering)

    For students who joined the university BEFORE September 2015 (Up TO Batch 35x)

    Total Credit Hours for Graduation: 148

  • 4th Year Summer Session - Practical Training (35x)

    TotalUNITS (Th / Pr)0/400C.H.0
    COURSE TITLESummer Training
    التدريب الصيفي
    CODE/NO.CE 390ARABIC CODE/NO.هـ مد 390
    UNITS (Th / Pr)0/400C.H.0PRE-REQUISITESCE 213, CE 271, CE 312, CE 321, ELAN 202, ENGR 104
  • Key to Course Code Numbers and Department Codes

    Each course is referred to by an alphabetical code and a three digit number as follows:

    1. Civil Engineering Department is referred to by the code “CE”.
    2. The hundreds digit refers to the academic level (1 = 1st year, 2 = 2nd year, 3 = 3rd year, 4 = 4th year).
    1. The tens digit refers to the specialty group within the department as shown in Table 1 below.
    1. The ones digit refers to course serial within the same specialty.