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    Various committees with their respective members are setup employing the EvalTools® 6 Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS) module. Each committee maintains a schedule of action items with details on priority level, discussions, brainstorming, assigned to, creation/closure dates and status information. Any committee can add new action items or review existing ones for status update and closure. The advanced CIMS module provides each committee the functionality to categorize an action item as per the given selection range of priority levels low, normal, medium, high or urgent. The action items are sorted electronically as per their priority levels. Transfer or elevate features allow committees to move those action items which are outside their scope or responsibility to another appropriate department or committee within the Faculty of Engineering or University for fulfilment.

  • Program Term Review Committee

    A specific program term review committee reviews the measured ABET SOs, related PIs information while considering this as a good indicator scheme and concludes its report with significant analysis and discussions as to whether a certain ABET SO is below, meeting or above expectations for the program in a designated term. The term review process flow for a specific program involves completion of two phases a) PI evaluation and b) ABET SO evaluation. 

    PI evaluation

    Figure below shows that the PI evaluation phase begins with a snap shot consolidated view of all ABET SOs, measured in the specified termwith scientific color coding scheme to indicate failures for investigation. The aggregate value for each measured ABET SO is calculated by averaging its corresponding aggregate PIs data. The aggregate value for each PI measured for this specific ABET SO is calculated by weighted averaging according to class size thePIs data measured by multiple raters across different courses.Performance indicator evaluation is focused on failing SOs and their contributing PIs for analysis and discussions relating to improvement.


    Courses contributing to failing PIs and SOs are examined by selection. The investigations involve study of the course reflections and generated action items in the respective FCARs and the reviewers enter their comments for the selected failing courses and PIs. Action items in respective FCARs are edited, updated or deleted as per the program chair decision in agreement with review members. Certain action items may be elevated to the program level from course level depending upon the scope of the problem or degree of importance. Figure below shows the PI review comments for a specific SO for CE program and term 351. 


    SO evaluation

    The ABET SO evaluation phase integrates review information from the PI evaluation module for each listed SO. Overall comments on a specific ABET SOare integrated with the comments of review and analysis of its failing PIs taken from the Performance Indicator Evaluation module of EvalTools® 6. Figure below shows detailed PI analysis for a selected ABET SO listing the contributing courses and their group EAMU calculations. 


    The following term review reportsare available in printable word or pdf format:

    • SO executive summary
    •  Detailed SO/PI executive summary
    • SO/PI Performance Vector Table PVT summary and
    • Course reflections/action items 

    Figure below shows a snapshot of a detailed SO/PI executive summary of a sample program term review. The student outcomes information from multiple term reviews for a program can be consolidated and utilized for review of the Program Educational Objectives. Certain action items in the FCARs which were elevated to the program level during the term review process are appropriately escalated to the responsible departments/committees for closure. The remaining action items in the FCARs are followed up by the concerned faculty for implementation