To be a pre-eminent department known for its competitive graduates and cutting edge researchers our Program Educational Objectives are as follows:

    • To produce high-quality graduates with a strong foundation of mathematics and basic sciences in order to attain a scholarly impact in professional career.
    • To produce graduate leaders who are knowledgeable, skillful, and capable of providing innovative solutions to the Civil Engineering challenges.
    • To produce graduates to demonstrate in their profession the ability to apply the princi-ples of civil engineering in solving the practical complexities.
    • To prepare disciplined graduates capable of discharging their duties under the guid-ance of Islamic principles with ethical, moral, professional and social values.
    • To prepare graduates who communicate effectively in professional matters, seminars, conferences and to continue to develop their skills through lifelong learning.
    • To produce Civil engineer capable of handling the construction projects independently and successfully anywhere in the world including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • To contribute to the welfare of the society and the development of the profession through responsible practice of engineering with Islamic ethics.