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  • ME Chairman’s Message

    A very warm welcome to you for visiting the website of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Islamic University in Madinah. This website provides an overview of the academic programs and the elite faculty that comprise the Department. The discipline of mechanical engineering has a long and distinguished history of innovative and technological breakthroughs that have tremendously benefitted the progress of man and society.

    In today’s dynamic world, the ever-growing challenges of limited resources, rapid climate changes and preservation of environment demand a new generation of mechanical engineers cultivated in the necessary skills and innovative spirit to meet them. At the Department of Mechanical Engineering, we are committed to achieving excellence in graduating competent manpower for the profession while nurturing engineering-leaders with the ingenuity and drive to provide innovative, holistic practical solutions to address these global challenges. Pursuing cutting-edge and impactful research and development is an essential part of the department’s focus.

    The Mechanical Engineering department was established in 2011 at the Islamic University of Madinah starting with the first student enrollment in 2012. The department of Mechanical Engineering is continually expanding in terms of student enrollment and facilities required to offer state of the art Mechanical Engineering education. Collaboration with industry and the other educational institutions to ensure world class standards in engineering curriculum is the inherent objective of the mechanical engineering department.Our faculty have a combination of specialized industrial and research experience with recognized publicationsof their research findings in high impact factor premier refereed international journals.

    We invite you to explore the exciting career opportunities that our mechanical engineering program can offer as a result of our existing and future alliance with the local and international industry. Do visit our laboratories pages, where you will find descriptions of our research facilities and capabilities.

    I would like to thank you personally for your interest and precious time spent in navigating through the Mechanical Engineering department webpages.


    Mechanical Engineering Department