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    Wajid Hussain is a US scientist and world expert on authentic OBE, QA processes, outcomes assessment and program evaluation for accreditation using digital technology and software. He joined the academic field coming from an intensive Silicon Valley engineering background and more than 20 years industry experience of mass production expertise of a Billion Dollar Microprocessor Manufacture Life Cycle. Over the many years Wajid has managed several projects related to streamlining operations with utilization of state of the art technology and digital systems giving him significant experience working with ISO standard quality systems. He has received specialized Quality Leadership Training at LSI Corporation and also received an award LSI Corporation Worldwide Operations Review 1999 for his significant contributions to the Quality Improvement Systems. He was the lead product engineer supporting the Portal Player processor for Apple’s IPOD plus many other world famous products at LSI Corporation.

    In academics, Wajid has extensive experience supporting and managing outcomes assessment and CQI processes to fulfill regional and ABET accreditation requirements for several EAC, CAC and ETAC programs. Wajid has developed several revolutionary outcomes assessment instruments and models based on John K. Etsell’s FCAR and the first on the planet to classify specific PIs as per all 3 domains and learning levels of Bloom’s taxonomy and implement world class best assessment practices to support digital technology, automation, streamlining and CQI. He led the first ‘tuning’ efforts in the Middle East at the Faculty of Engineering, Islamic University by developing a complex database of thousands of outcomes and performance indicators with hundreds of rubrics for the Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering disciplines. A comprehensive automated ISO standards Quality Systems CQI model for program evaluation with precision assessment instruments for capstone design, team work, lifelong learning, ethics etc. was developed and implemented. The Faculty of Engineering, Capstone Committee worked several hundreds of hours with Wajid to produce a revolutionary Capstone Design course Assessment Instrument. Wajid recently presented this Capstone Design Activity Assessment model at the ASEE International conference 2018 at Salt Lake City, Utah. Wajid also worked closely with Dr. Mak Fong, Director Makteam Inc. to implement ground breaking academic advising systems based on outcomes using digital technology.

    Wajid is currently reviewer for several international conferences on topics related to education & research methods, outcomes assessment, quality and accreditation. Wajid has presented multiple world class research papers on outcomes assessment and automation at the ASEE, FIE and other international conferences. The National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) has published Wajid's work at the Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University as an international example of best outcomes assessment practices. Wajid Hussain and William Spady, internationally regarded as the ‘Father of OBE’, have recently co-authored a book titled 'Beyond Outcomes Accreditation'. Wajid has been invited keynote/panel speaker or presenter in several international OBE conferences. He has presented at the ICA 2015, MTN 2016, OBE ICON 2016, FIE 2016, ASEE 2016, ASEE 2017, ICTIEE 2017, ABET Symposium 2017, IICEDubai 2018, QS ASIA 2018, ASEE 2018, EDUTECH 2018. He made a national presentation on assessment at QIYAS, Aug 2017. William Spady and Wajid have also been recognized as international OBE experts in 2017 by Dr. Faisal Al Mishary, CEO National Assessment Center (NAC) QIYAS, Riyadh. Wajid has conducted multiple massively participated workshops attended by several hundreds of faculty members such as the ones in 2018 at the Prince Muqrin and King Faisal Universities. Wajid is a senior member of the IEEE, IEEE Education Society, Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE), leading member of the International Network of OBE Experts worldwide (IN4OBE) and member of the American Society of Engineers for Education (ASEE)

  • Achievements at Faculty of Engineering

    Developed and proposed a revolutionary continuous improvement system incorporating an award winning Faculty Course Assessment Reporting System.

    The new FCAR system currently in the implementation phase at the Engineering program. The scope of this system is enormous with potential to be adopted across Saudi Arabian Institutions provided the right publicity.

    PI, Program Criterion and PEO analysis in the implementation phase for ABET Student Outcomes measurement for the EE program.

    PEO analysis based on a novel weighted formula incorporating Alumni, Employer, Exit Course Surveys and SO direct assessments.

    C Curve feature implemented into grade book.

    Developed revised PI, SO review features in collaboration with MAKTEAM Software Inc.

    Developed new weighted group EAMU feature in collaboration with MAKTEAM Software Inc.

    Papers submitted to QIYAS and FIE, and in process to ASEE for latest streamlined outcomes assessment methodologies and their benefits to the higher education systems.

    Page number feature for streamlining faculty work with upto 60% reduction of document scanning, renaming and upload work under development with MAKTEAM Software Inc.

    Developed revolutionary Continuous Improvement Management System collaboration with MAKTEAM Software Inc.

    Proposed a revolutionary weighting scheme for three learning domains of the revised Bloom's taxonomy for introductory, reinforced and mastery course levels in an engineering program. 

    Managed development of State of the Art first time in the Middle East Digital Recruitment Management System for the Islamic University Faculties of Engineering, Computer Science and Information, Science and Preparatory year in collaboration with RuknalJouf LLC.

    Managed the development of the Faculty of Engineering website.

    Wajid Hussain was Electrical Electronics Engineering & Technology Faculty at the KFUPM Hafr Al Batin campus. He has taught courses on Electric, Electronics & Digital Circuits; Microprocessors; Instrumentation & Measurements.  

  • Achievements at KFUPM, Hafr Al Batin

    Successfully taught several batches of students at Engineering and Associate Degree Level.

    Taught Laboratory classes for Electronics, Digital Circuits, Microprocessors and Instrumentation & Measurements.

    Proposed new Laboratory equipment for Electronics. Digital Circuits courses

    Implemented Laboratory Experiments for newly ordered KL620 Series equipment for Instrumentation & Measurements courses.

    Served as Academic Advisor and COOP program student advisor

    Served ABET committee for accreditation efforts.

    Developed and proposed a revolutionary continuous improvement system incorporating an award winning Faculty Course Assessment Reporting System.

    Implemented PI analysis for ABET Student Outcome measurement for the EEET Unit.

    Implemented Program Criteria analysis.

    Implemented PEO analysis based on a novel weighted formula incorporating Alumni, Employer, Exit Course Surveys and SO direct assessments.

    Dean appointed lead for completion of supplementary report to self-study essential for ABET evaluation and accreditation.

    Received great feedback from visiting team of ABET EEET Program Evaluators Nov 5 2013 for organization and excellent data analysis.

    Played a major role to steer HBCC EEET Unit on track to receive ABET accreditation Oct 1 2014-2019.

    Received personal thanks from the Rector, KFUPM Dammam for being leading part of HBCC EEET ABET team.


  • Achievements at LSI Corp., CA, USA

    At LSI Logic Corporation a fortune 500 chip manufacture company (NASDAQ LSI) from 1998 to 2002 Wajid Hussain worked as a Product Engineer .

    His work  included validating silicon at wafer sort and final test.  Several Product Engineering procedures were implemented for each Core such as Hardware Development, Test Program Development, AC Characterization, Credence High Speed 200 Mhz Test Methodology, Data Power Yield Analysis and enhancement.

    He provided Product Engineering support for world famous IT products such as Apple IPOD (Portal Player)TinyRisc, ZSP, HP-Infinity, VIPER, 4020 etc., from pre-FDR to final production release with yield monitoring and RMA management.  

    In 1999 He received Quality Leadership Award at LSI.

    From 2000 to 2001 Wajid was the Chief Product Engineer qualifying the processor for the Apple IPOD at LSI eventually giving the green signal for its worldwide manufacturability.  With the success of this processor Wajid Hussain gained recognition and profitability for LSI.

    Primary PE job functions:

    • Hardware Development: Assign number of DC power supplies and specify their voltages. Specify values, connection details for capacitors, inductors and relays. Specify socket type for the chip to be tested. Specify any additional components for Mixed Signal testing. Verify that HW matches design specifications. Debug any continuity or functionality issues with HW.
    • Test Program Development: Set up continuity, static/dynamic IDD, IDDQ, PLL,SCAN and functional tests for different features like RAM, BIST, JTAG, USB.  Implementation of special tests like USB, BZIO, external oscillator etc. Specify PS voltages and strobe timing values to create valid tests. Employ binning schemes to differentiate various failures. Test time reduction and program optimization for production release
    • Wafer Sort/ Final Test: Setting up Wafer Sort Probers, referencing the starting die, Setting up STDF & CIMA Automated Data collection coding in test programs for parameters of interest. Systematic debugging techniques to identify failures and isolate causes.   Supported first G12 code for Wafer Sort at FAB plant Gresham, OR.
    • AC Characterization: Define parameters like input setup, input hold, output delay, output hold and outline test methodology in test program for measuring these parameters on ATE. Also collect this data over varying temperatures and KP process factor for a set sample size of device under test.  Published complete AC characterization reports for various codes.
    • Credence SX Test Methodology: Running different functional tests at 200 MHz by employing principle of multiplexing. Identifying highest processor speeds for specific functionality using SX methodology.  Developed  SX mode at speed test methodology guidelines for ASSP group. Published report on at speed data for TinyRisc that helped correlate silicon to simulation with Flexstream.
    • Datapower:  Extracting test data using Datapower and using statistical data analysis tools to create reports for corporate presentations.
    • First to implement STDF & CIMA test data collection methodology at Fremont Test House.
    • Quality Improvement Meeting (QIM) leader for ASSP group 2001 & 2002 for various COQs. Led the QIM ASSP team to implement collection of FT AC characterization results into data power.
    • Received Quality Leadership Training Award 1999
    • Excellent communication and team work with Design, Application, Fab, Failure Analysis Engineers for all products supported. 


  • Other Achievements

    At Mail Express Inc Miami Florida a start up wireless telecommunication  company Wajid acted as Manager of Operations from 2003 to 2005 and heavily dealt with wireless products and training new engineers enlisted  into the company workforce. Here he added a great deal of business exposure and expertise to his experience. This company was eventually acquired by a budding business venture group in Florida.

    From 2005 to 2010 he was Technology and Business Development Manager at Customer Specialists Inc a start up IT product reseller company dealing with all major brand software, security, networking, wireless products. With some ingenious ideas and critical business liasons Wajid was able to project the company into a very high profile reseller ecommerce market to compete with some nationally known American IT resellers.

    Creating a team of Technical Support and Customer Service with an in house Call Center , Intelligent High Scale Advertising through CPC campaigns on internet platforms such as Froogle, CNET, PricegrabberEbayAmazon and search Engine optimization effort with a nationally recognized company such as 10e20 LLC , Integration of world class software and ecommerce systems and tools, Record website incoming traffic generation, 15000 IT products database, Contracts with Office Depot and CSAA, reseller licenses and agreements with HP, DELL and partnerships with billion dollar IT product distributors like Ingram MicroSynnexD&HTechData  were some of his many achievements.

    In 2011 Wajid Hussain joined Lattice Companies WLL and HTCC STEEL WLL as Executive Director and Business Development Manager respectively. He successfully placed these companies on track to apply for and achieve ISO accreditation. He organized the Supply chain, Electronic filing and communication Systems  for increased efficiency and productivity. Manpower and Engineering recruitment resources were established.  He successfully managed to procure new contracts with government and private projects. SKYORYX NDIA(New Doha Qatar International Airport Project), BSI Steel WLLQatar Foundation Education CityAl Jaber Engineering were some of the multi-million Qatari riyal contracts that were added to the company.

  • Education

    He completed his undergraduate study in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Osmania University  in 1994 with a GPA of 3.36. His Electrical Engineering  graduate degree M.S. Thesis option (36 Hours)  was completed from Texas A&M University | College Station, TX  in 1997 with a GPA of 3.76. Wajid Hussain enjoyed the privilege of working closely with some endowed chair professors who also served as IEEE transactions chief editors. His M.S. Thesis advisor was Dr. Duncan Hank M. Walker. The other professors who served in his committee were Dr. Dhiraj PradhanDr. Mi LuDr. Gwan S. Choi and Dr. Sherif Embabi.

    His Thesis research specialized in VLSI Systems Design & Testability and involved Mapping bit failures to Real defects using VLASIC, DEFAMIRSIM on ISCAS circuits. Studying effects of variation of poly/metal dimensions, bridge resistance on defect distribution/yield. He also worked on a research project with  Dr. Duncan M. Walker to develop a Digital Circuit Design EDA tool usingTcl/TK 3.0.

    Prior to his research position he was a teaching assistant to Dr. Robert Kenefick at the Department of Physics.

  • Certifications

    Mak Team Inc PA USA:

    • Expert On Outcomes Assessment For ABET Accreditation March 2015
    • Expert On Evaltools® 6 March 2015

    KFUPM, Dammam, KSA

    • Blackboard 9.1 Certification August 2013

    LSI Corporation CA USA

    • VLSI Fabrication March 2000
    • Proto Hold November 2001
    • SAP February 2002
    • ISO 9001 November 2001
    • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) For Test/Product Engineers June 1998
    • Data Power (Statistical Data Analysis & Extraction) November 2001
    • Credence Quartet Testers (Digital & Mixed Signal) February 2000
    • Skew Lots (Wafer Level) October 2001
    • Credence SX At Speed Test Methodology March 2001
    • Chemical Safety February 1999
    • 4D Training August 2000
    • Prototype Test Flow October 2001
    • Test Pattern & Algorithms August 1998
    • High Performance I/O June 1999
    • Achieve Performance Training September 1999
    • RF Markets, Test Challenges & Test Solutions June 2000
    • Proto Hold November 2001
    • VLSI Failure Analysis November 2000
    • Quality Improvement Leadership September 2001

    Credence Systems Inc CA USA

    • Toolbox Digital Basic Applications June 1998
    • Toolbox Mixed Signal Basic Applications March 2002

    Willow CSN Miramar FL USA

    • Office Depot Customer Service Support & Sales Management Training October 2005
    • California State Automobile Association (CSAA) Service Support Management Training January 2006

    Informatics Computer Systems AP India

    • Diploma Computer Concepts & Operations, Advanced Basic Language, Operating Systems, File Structures, Analysis Of Operating Systems December 1993
  • Research/Publications/Presentations

    Faculty Of Engineering, Islamic University

    Hussain, M.F. Addas, F. Mak “Robust ABET learning outcomes data in shorter time frames by streamlining software EvalTools® employing a comprehensive program evaluation methodology using high relative coverage unique assessments by multiple raters for measurement of specific performance indicators”, submitted to Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference, 2015, El Paso, TX, USA

    W. Hussain, M. F. Addas, “A Digital Integrated Quality Management System for Automated Assessment of QIYAS Standardized Learning Outcomes”, submitted to International Conference on Outcomes Assessment (ICA), 2015, QIYAS, Riyadh, KSA


    • Workshop FCAR Methodology &EvalTools® 6
    • ABET Accreditation & Process Flow
    • Integrated Quality Management Systems
    • Ideal Learning Outcomes


    • FCAR
    • Blackboard Vs. EvalTools®
    • Learning Outcomes & Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Quality Management in Higher Education presentations
  • LSI Logic Inc

    Corporate Presentations/Publications

    • Technology IDD 
    • Characterization Reports for several codes 
    • Final Test Yields Report
    • Fast IDDQ Implementation 
    • Infinity Issues
    • SX methodology implementation
    • Quality Management presentations
  • Other Corporate Presentations/Publications

    Mail Express Inc

    • RF wireless products presentations
    • Annual Fiscal Reports
    • Quality Management presentations


    Customer Specialists Inc

    • Call Center Management Presentations
    • TechBizBuyIT Products Division Training Presentations
    • Customer Service Training Presentations for Office Depot corporate accounts
    • Quality Management presentations


    Lattice Companies W.L.L.

    • Analytical Supplier Rating System (ASRS) presentation on implementation and use.
    • Annual Fiscal Reports
    • Quality Management presentations


    HTCC Steel W.L.L.

    • Quality Management presentations
    • Annual Fiscal Reports
    • Customer Order Fulfillment System (COFS) presentation
    • Steel Mill Test Certificates Automatic Filing System presentation
  • Texas A&M University

    Thesis Dissertation

    Mapping bit failures to real defects using VLASIC, DEFAM, IRSIM on standard ISCAS circuits. 
    Studying effects of variation of poly/metal dimensions, bridge resistance on defect distribution/yield. 

    Course Publications/Presentations

    Available Test Sets and effect on prediction of reject ratio for VLSI circuits. 
    A Comparative Study Parallel vs. Pipelined processor using VHDL. 
    Formal Verification Techniques – Recursive Learning, Hannibal and algorithms such as FAN, PODEM for stuck at fault detection. 
    Detection of Stuck at Faults using GLFSR Technology.
    Stability, Controllabilty and Observability of Space Vehicle.
    GLFSR vs. LFSR pattern generators for fault coverage improvement
    Multiprocessor Systems such as Maspar, Sequent Balance and N cube


    BE Final Year Project Presentation/Publication:
    Design & Study of Radio Transceiver at National Institute of Amateur Radio
    Application & Use of Microsoft Windows 3.0 & 3.1
    Streamlining Data for Crushing, Refining and Finishing Processes using advanced BASIC for local jute industry

  • Affiliations

    Senior Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    • Miami Section
    • Qatar Section

    Member American Society of Engineers for Education (ASEE)

    Member ISO 9001 Group

    Member SAP Community

    Member VLSI Group 

    Member REED MEP Professionals 

    • International & Middle East

    Alumni LSI Corporation CA, USA

    Alumni Texas A&M University

    Alumni Osmania University