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    I would like to take this opportunity to give you a warm welcome to the Office of Quality & Accreditation.

    The Quality Management effort was started in the year 2014 at the Faculty of Engineering, Islamic University and I was initially appointed as the coordinator with a job function of the implementation of a state of the art Outcome Based Education (OBE) System with world class best practices in teaching & learning methodologies.

    Presented with this challenge we made a decision to implement an Integrated Digital Quality Management System.

    To achieve automation we selected EvalTools® 6 a very advanced web-based software application for higher ed institutions that includes Learning Management System (LMS), Outcomes Assessment System (OAS) and Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS).

    Applying world class best practices for the development of our program, course outcomes and an evolving digital database of specific performance criteria we have achieved realistic data for factual evaluations of both programs and students resulting in a continuously improving education system.

    Teaching and improvement in learning is now streamlined experience with formative and summative assessments in place thanks to the availability of technology and advanced tools and diagnostics.

    We have also calculated student learning outcomes scores for each student term wise for the various engineering programs and can provide a never before aspect of academic advising to students based on learning outcome information.

    Several full research papers have been submitted to local and international conferences and we hope to break the record with ground breaking world class research on outcomes assessment methodologies and systems.

    Student feedback regarding E-learning has been excellent.

    To top it all up we are able to integrate the results of program and student evaluations and provide feedback for improvement instantaneously electronically to concerned committees and departments.

    All committees within the Faculty of Engineering just login and access their portfolios listing tasks to be completed for improvement with priority marked and indicating whether these tasks are originated by their committee or transferred from another.

    Were really excited about the future prospects in education and learning especially with the help of latest digital technology and look forward to your participation and support in order to achieve the highest standards in higher education.

    Thanking you very much for visiting our website.

    Wajid Hussain
    Office of Quality & Accreditation
    Faculty of Engineering