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  • Dr. Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun


    Office: Faculty Of Engineering  Islamic University of Madinah
    E-mail: prof.awaluddin@gmail.com OR awaludin.kl@utm.my
    Phone: 05 4980 6627(Saudi Arabia)/ +6019 6019075 (Malaysia)


    • Ph.D (Computer-Integrated Manufacturing; Loughborough Univ of Technology, UK; 1994)
    • M.Sc. (Industrial Engineering & Production Management; Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK; 1983)
    • B. Eng. (Mechanical Engineering; Liverpool, UK; 1979)
    • Ordinary National Diploma (Mechanical Engineering; Brighton Technical College, UK; 1976)
    • Diploma Pengajian Syariah (Diploma in Study of Shariah; Universiti  Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia; 1989)

    Research Interests

    • Integrated Manufacturing
    • Modelling & Supply Chain Management
    • Organisational and Performance Excellence

    Teaching Interests

    • Undergraduate Level
      • Materials Technology
      • Manufacturing Technology
      • Industrial Management
      • Engineering Economy
      • Report Writing and Technical Communications
    • Graduate Level
      • Project Management
      • Production and Operations Management
      • Technology and Management of Innovation
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
      • Strategic Management

    Professional Experience

    1. Academic Positions
      • Professor Grade VK6 (Since July 2008)
      • Professor Grade VK7 (Since 16/01/1999)
      • Associate Professor (Oct 1991)
      • Lecturer (July 1985)
      •  Assistant lecturer (Sept 1979)
    1. Administrative Positions
    • Current: none
    • Previous:
      • UTM Representative and Visiting Professor to Faculty of Engineering. Islamic University of Madinah Feb 2016- April 2016
      • Dean Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (June 2010 till Jan 2016)
      • Executive Director Business & Advanced Technology Centre (BATC), Kuala Lumpur (From Oct 2007 till June 2010)
      • Deputy- Director BATC, KL (From Oct 2005- Oct 2007)
      • Head of Manufacturing Focus Group, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (1997-2005)
      • Deputy Dean (Development) Fakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal (May 1996 – March 2005)
      • Head of Production Lab, Fakulti KejuruteraanMekanikal, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (1995 - 1996)
      • Head of Production Panel (1994 - 1995)
      • Head, Department of Production Industrial Engineering, Fakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (1984 - 1989)
      • Head of Foundry Lab, Fakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal (1983)
    1. University Services

    National Level

    • National Committee for Research Universities under Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education – From Jan 2013 to Jan 2015
    • Editorial Board for Journal of Board of Engineers (BEM) Malaysia, 2012- 2013
    • Facilitator Workshop on ‘Scenario Planning’, 25 – 27 January 2011
    • Chief Facilitator Workshop IDB SDN Leadership Centre, 27 – 28 December 2011
    • Facilitator for Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Management Retreat 2010
    • Member of Committee Board Of Engineers Malaysia, November 2010
    • Joint- Head of CIMP Working Committee for Strategic Thrust 5 “Innovate through R&D and Adopt New Construction Techniques (WC5)”, Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia Construction and Industrial Development Board (CIDB), April 2008 till 2009
    • Member of Organising Committee and International Programme Committee, Malaysian-Japan Symposium on Advanced Technologies MJISAT 2007, 12th-15th November, Kuala Lumpur
    • International Advisory Committee, 2nd World Engineering Congress, July 2002
    • Member of National Initiative on Nanotechnology, Office of Science Adviser, December 2001
    • Member of Special committee for preparing working paper on proposed new university (Universiti  Kolej Teknikal Melaka)  based on  FACHHOSHULEN(FH) on behalf of Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (from 1999-2000)
    • Member of Organising Committee for COSTAM, Conference of Malaysian Science &Technology Congress '97
    • Member of Evaluation Panel for Manufacturing and Machinery Sector, IRPA Programme, 1996
    • Representative for IRPA Technical Screening Committee Meeting MOSTE 1996-2000
    • Member of National Committee to prepare Training Scheme For Bumiputera Entrepreneurs, PDPN for 6 months- prepared the module on Manufacturing Management -September 1987

    University Level

    • Professional Member of Science Development Network Leadership Centre (SDNLC) Fellow, 1/6/2012-31/5/2015
    • Member of Committee for Auditing Malaysian Research Universities (Research University Audit Preparations), 3/4/2012-2/4/2014
    • Chairman of 4th Regional Conference in Engineering Education and Research in Higher Education, 10 April 2012
    • Facilitator for APEC Workshop on Remanufactured Goods organized by Ministry of International Trade & Industry, 22/10/2012-23/10/2012
    • Chairman of Department Task Force (DTF) for Key Focus Area (KFA) –UTM International Campus under UTM 2012-2020 Global Plan,2012
    • Task Force Member for Supervision and Publication Incentive, 2012
    • Task Force Member for UTM Academic Staff Load Calculation, 2012
    • Facilitator Bengkel Perancangan Strategik Fakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal, 28 – 30 Julai 2011
    • Ahli Majlis Jemaah Dekan-dekan Kejuruteraan (MCED), December 2011
    • Speaker dan Facilitator Bengkel Perancangan Strategik Kerjasama Pusat Serantau Pendidikan Kejuruteraan, Sekolah Pengajian Siswazah dan Pusat Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran, 20 – 22 April, 2011
    • Speaker Kursus Penyeliaan Penyelia Program PhD Industri MDPS IPTA 2010/2011 & KPT, January & April 2011
    • Facilitator for Faculty Mechanical Engineering Strategic Planning Workshop, 2010
    • Facilitator for UTM International Strategic Planning Workshop, 19 -21 February 2010
    • Committee Member For UTM Strategic Planning, September 2010
    • Member of Senate Standing Committee on Examinations Results, 1 May 2010 – 30 April 2012
    • Member of Intectual Property Committee for Research Management Centre dari 22hb Jun 2005-22hb Jun 2007
    • Speaker and facilitator for PTK 6 –MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE Module organised by HRD UTM 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
    • Panel of Evaluators for screening IRPA applications at UTM level 2004-2005
    • Panel of Interviewer of Applicants UTM-PTP 2000 and 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 fellowships
    • Panel of Assessors to evaluate awards for best journal articles for national and international-level papers for UTM’s University Publication Day 11th August, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005
    • Panel of Evaluators for Professorial Applications at FKKKSA for 2004
    • Panel of Judges for UTM’s INATEX 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
    • Panel of judges for Innovation Award for UTM  2004
    • Member of Task Force ‘University Research Centre’ towards World Class University, from 23rd May 2003
    • Panel of evaluators for evaluating UTM RMK8 bottom-up proposals for Experimental Applied Research in the Manufacturing Category 2002
    • Committee Member for National Seminar UNI-FORUM in conjunction with INATEX 2001 organised by Research Management Centre and Bureau of Innovation at PWTC July 2001
    • Chairman of Organising Committee of Second International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology(ICAMT) August 16-17 2000
    • Committee Member for Post-Graduate Academic Studies at Kuala Lumpur UTM City Campus since February 2000
    • Member of Task Force to prepare Research Evaluation Guidelines for Research Management Centre (RMC), UTM -Oct 2000
    • Member of Steering Committee for Encouraging Science and Technology in Johore State UTM Ogos 1999
    • Task force for setting-up Courses and Faculty of Manufacturing under TNC(A)-Jan 1998
    • Committee for developing proposal for setting up International Manufacturing Centre at BATC-KL- Oct 1998
    • Program leader for Workshop in preparing IRPA proposals for Manufacturing Sector, UTM 28-29 Oct. 1998
    • Member of Organising Committee of UTM Postgraduate Exhibition and also participated in Postgraduate Fair held in Senayan Exhibition Hall, Jakarta, Indonesia  September 1997
    • Member of Information Management Task Force for Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah (1997)
    • Member of Steering Committee for setting up Technology Policy and Research Unit (TPRU) UTM, (1997)
    • Member of Organising Committee for Regional Seminar for PostGraduate Education (RESPEC) organised by UTM (September 1997) in conjunction with 25th anniversary celebrations
    • Member of Organising Committee for Technology Management Workshop organised by TPRU and Chancellory  UTM featuring Prof. Nawaz Shariff as Key Resource person (1997)
    • Appointed Aide for Prof. Arbuthnott, Vice-Chancellor of Strathclyde University during Commemorative Convocation of UTM, 1997
    • Member of UTM Senate post-graduate committee on new courses and programmes (1996-to date)
    • Member of Board of Postgraduate Committee, UTM (1996-to date)
    • Member of Research Management Committee, UTM (1996-to date)
    • Member of committee for preparing proposal on “International Graduate School for Management” Nov 1995

    Other Contributions

    • Main Facilitator for UTM School Of Professional and Continuing Education (UTMSPACE) Strategic Planning Workshop Jan 2017
    • Facilitator for UTM Razak School Strategic Planning Workshop 10th-12th Feb 2017
    • Facilitator for School Of PostGraduate Studies Workshop on Drafting Guidelines for Engineering Doctorate Program Feb 2017
    • Chief Facilitator for UTM Top Management Strategic Retreat, Sept 2016
    • UTM LPU Retreat Panel, 23/11/2012 – 25/11/2012
    • Facilitator untuk Program Retreat Pegawai UTM 2012, 28/6/2012-30/6/2012
    • Facilitator Industrial PhD Supervision Course Series 6, 11/1/2012-13/1/2012
    • Thesis Examiner for MSc in Engineering Business Management University of Warwick, 29 March 2012
    • External Examinar for Gred DS54 Associate Professor Candidate in Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia (UTHM) – Ir. Dr. Mohammad Shahril bin Osman, 6 September 2012
    • External Examinar for Gred DS54 Associate Professor Candidate in Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia (UTHM) – Dr. Erween bin Abd. Rahim, 14 May 2012
    • External Examiner in Universiti Teknologi Petronas, 6 September 2012
    • Panel Penilai Peringkat Fakulti bagi Pelantikan Perkhidmatan Sebagai Prof Gred Khas B (VK6) (Kontrak) di Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), UTM International Campus, May 2012
    • Member of Evaluation Panel For Promotion of Staff to Professor Grade C (VK7) di Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), UTM International Campus, 26 September 2012
    • Member of Interview panel for Promotion to Professor Grade C (Gred VK7) di Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), UTM International Campus, 23 Mac 2012
    • Perunding Pelan Tindakan Pengurusan Modal Insan Dalam Ekosistem Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (Vot 587), January 2011
    • Pengerusi Panel Penilai Sarjana Sains Kejuruteraan Sistem Pembuatan,Universiti Malaysia Perlis untuk Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia, January 2011
    • External Examiner for Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, December 13, 2010
    • External Examiner for Associate Professor Candidate (DS54) at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, September 2010
    • Ahli Penyelidik bagi Pembentukan Pelan Tindakan Modal Insan Dalam Ekosistem Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia, Ogos 2010
    • External Examiner for the Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering at Universit Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, 27 April 2010.
    • Panel of External Reviewers for Mechanical Engineering Programme Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 18 – 20 February 2010
    • Panel Penilai Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia (MQA), February 2010
    • External Examiner for the Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering (Manufacturing) Programme at Kuliah of Engineering International Islamic University, UIAM Gombak KL 19th February 2009
    • External Examiner for the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing) Programme at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University Malaysia (UMP) ,  Pahang from 3rd – 4th July   2008
    • External Examiner for the Manufacturing Engineering Programme at Kulliyah of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) from 1st December 2005- 30th November 2007
    • Member of Board of Stakeholders for Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing Curriculum of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, University of Malaysia Pahang, August 2007
    • Academic Advisor for undergraduate Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing) Programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (2005-2006)
    • External Examiner for the School of Mechanical Engineering session 2005/2006, Universiti Sains Malaysia on Ogos 2007 and 9-13 April 2006
    • External Examiner for the Bachelor of Engineering Technology, UniKL 20th Sep 2006
    • External Examiner for the Manufacturing Engineering Programme at Kulliyah of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) 2006
    • Member of Board of Studies; Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia, (IIUM) January 2005
    • External Examiner in Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekanik session 2005/2006, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) on 17th November 2005
    • Member of Curriculum Advisory Committee, Bahagian Pendidikan dan Latihan (Kemahiran) MARA 6 September 2005
    • Member of Board of Studies; Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), January 2005
    • Research Fellow at Institut Teknologi Maju (ITMA), Universiti Putra Malaysia May 2002-2005
    • External Assessor for Evaluation of Professorial candidates at Department of Mechanical Engineering, UITM, May 2004
    • Consultant for developing Programme in Bachelor of Engineering (Product Design) KUKUM, Perlis- Jan 2004
    • Vice- Chairman of 3rd International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT 2004). May 11-13, 2004
    • Panel of Assessors for proposed IRPA RMK8 for  Priority Research/Strategic Research Programme Proposals, SIRIM May 2004
    • International Advisory Expert for Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman in evaluating proposed new curriculum in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Courses, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, March 2003
    • Member of International Advisory Committee, 19th International Conference on CAD/CAM, ROBOTICS and Factories Of The Future, CARS & FOF 2003 22-24 July 2003, Kuala Lumpur
    • External Assessor for Evaluation of Professorial candidates at Department of Mechanical Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia, November 2002 and August 2003
    • External Examiner for Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering Undergraduate Course at Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 26th-27th August 2003
    • International Advisor for Undergraduate Course in Mechanical And Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Faculty Of Engineering, University of Malaysia Sarawak, UNIMAS, Kuching, Sarawak- August 2002
    • Moderator for School of Engineering and Technology (SOEAT), Inti College, Malaysia July 2001, 2002
    • Member of International Advisory Committee and Referee of Technical Papers , 2nd World Engineering Congress, July 2002
    • Member of Review panel, 3rd National Seminar, National Science Fellowship (NSF) 2002 Hotel Vistana, Kuala Lumpur ,17-18th December 2002
    • Member of Advisory Committee for curriculum and syllabus for Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, Kolej Universiti Teknikal Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malacca since 30th August 2001
    • Panel of Interviewer for National Science Fellowship (NSF) 2001, 9th July 2001
    • External Member of panel of reviewers for IRPA project proposals, Manufacturing Sector, University of Malaya since 2001

    Research Projects

    1. Integration of Ergonomics and Safety Culture for Malaysian Manufacturing Companies (2010-2012) Project Vote:78704 Ministry of Higher Education Grant:RM 50,000 Role: Project Member
    2. Penyelidikan Remanufacturing Activities in Malaysia (2012) Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI):RM 95,000 Role: Project Leader
    3. A Low cost Software for integrating Production and Transportation Logistics, IRPA Project (2000-new project) Project Vote 72406 Funding Approved:RM 89 300  Role: Program Leader
    4. Eurasian Network for Product Life-cycle Support and Training (EAPSTRA)- European Commission Contract Number ASIA ITC/ASI b7-301/71548 (3152-094) 2004 to 2006) vote no: 68401 role: Project Member
    5. Determination of Flexible Measures in Advanced Manufacturing Systems and their effect on productivity and responsiveness (2001-2003) Funding Approved: RM 135, 000 Role: Project Member
    6. A Life-cycle Methodology for Product Costing in Advanced Manufacturing Environments, Ph.D Research Project, Manufacturing Systems Integration (MSI) Research Institute, Loughborough University of Technology (Jan 1990 – Sept. 1994) Status: Completed Role: Researcher
    7. Information Transfer Between Heterogeneous CAD Software, UPP Short-Term Project (1995 – 1998) Project Vote: 61800 Funding Approved:RM 16 500 Status: Completed Role: Project Leader
    8. Design of a Prototype CIM Installation at UTM, IRPA Project (1996 – 1998) A colloborative project with SIRIM Project Vote: 72091 Funding Approved:RM 250 000 Role: Project Leader
    9. A CASE Based Software for Mould & Die Design Based on the Product Data Modelling Methodology, IRPA, Project (1996 – 1998) Project Vote: 72809 Funding Approved:RM 204 250 Role: Program Leader
    10. APOST : Advanced Product Support Technologies Network, EU community funded project (2001-2003-new project) Approved : 62,568 Ecu (RM 206,474)  Role: Project Member
    11. Library Information Services Performance Measures UPP Short-Project (1994 – 1995) Project vot 61503 Status: Completed Role: Project Member
    12. Technological Capability Assesment for Mould and Die Industry of Malaysia (1996 – 1997) Status: completed Role: Project Member
    13. PR-IRPA Project “Development of New Cutting Tools for Ultra Precision Processing of Materials” (Grant: vot 74540-RM 8.1 Million) Role: Program and Project Leader.
    14. Computer Jigs and Fixtures Design Software (1989) Funding Approved RM 34 300 Role: Project Leader
    15. A Critical Analysis of Three Company Modelling Packages, M.Sc Dissertation, Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK (Oct. 1982 – Sept 1983) Status: Completed Role: Researcher

    Awards and Honors

    • Distinguished Service Award (Khidmat Cemerlang) at UTM Razak School  (UTMRS) for year 2015.
    • Award for “Khidmat  Sanjungan Budi” Certificate and Award of Appreciation for 30 years service to UTM 2009
    • Distinguished Service Award (Khidmat Cemerlang) at Business Advance and Technology Centre (BATC)  Kuala Lumpur for year 2008
    • Award of Honorary Medal of “Pingat Darjah Paduka Cura Si Manja Kini (PCM)” From His Royal Highness The Sultan Of Perak for contribution to government services  for year 2007
    • Award for Vice-Chancellor 2006 Publication Award. (Third Place) Joint Journal Paper PM Dr Adnan Hassan, PM Dr Hishamuddin Jamaluddin, Prof Dr Mohd Sharif Nabi Baksh
    • Award for Best International Journal Paper UTM Publication Day for year 2004. Joint Journal Paper with PM Dr Adnan Hassan, PM Dr Hishamuddin Jamaluddin, Prof Dr Mohd Sharif Nabi Baksh
    • Distinguished Service Award (Khidmat Cemerlang) at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UTM Johor for year 2003
    • Award for “Hidmat Jasa Bakti” –Certificate and Award of Appreciation for  20 years Service to UTM  1999
    • Distinguished Service Award (Khidmat Cemerlang) at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UTM Johor for year 1993


    Selected Publications

    Academic Journals (2010 – 2016)

    • "Confirmatory Factor Analysis of TQM Practices in Malaysia and Thailand Automotive Industries” Norhayati Zakuan, Shari Mohd Yusof, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman and Awaluddin Mohd Shaharoun, International Journal of Business and Management, Vol 5 No 1 January 2010, pp 160 -175
    • “A New Methodology for Integration of End-of-Life Option, Determination and Disassemblability Analysis” Feri Afrinaldi, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman, Awalluddin Mohamad Shaharoun Treatise on Sustainability Science and Engineering, Springer Netherlands, pages 31-49 1stJuly 2013
    • “EDAS:Software for End-of-Life Disassembly Analysis” Feri Afrinaldi, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, International Journal of Sustainable Design (USDES) Vol 1 No:3 pages 257-277, 2010
    • “Proposed relationship of TQM and organisational performance using structured equation modelling” N.M Zakuan, S.M. Yusof, T. Laosirihongthong & A.M.Shaharoun, Journal of Total Quality & Business Excellence, 28 Jan 2010, pages 185-203
    • A Comprehensive Approach in Assessing the Performance of an Automobile Closed-Loop Supply Chain” Ezutah Udoncy Olugu 1,*, Kuan Yew Wong 1and Awaludin Mohamed Shaharoun, Sustainability 20102(4), pages 871-889
    • “Development of Key Performance Measures for the Automobile Green Supply Chain” (2011), Ezutah Udoncy Olugu, Kuan Yew Wong and Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Resources, Conservation and Recycling Journal, pp 567-579, Vol 55, January 2011
    • “Towards a mechanistic stakeholder management in projects: project management by stakeholder” Hamid Aladpoosh, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Muhammad Zameri Mat Saman, Jan 2011
    • “Critical Features for project stakeholder management: A systematic literature review” Hamid Aladpoosh, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Muhammad Zameri Mat Saman, Int. J of Applied Systemic Studies, Vol 4 No 3 pages 150 – 167, 2012
    • “Preliminary Framework of Sustainable Maintenance Performance Measurement Systems for Automotive Companies” Emilia Sari, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Azaniza Ma’Aram, Sept 2013
    • “Sustainable Enterprise Resource planning: imperatives and research directions”, Abdoulmohammed Gholamzadeh Chofreh, Feybi Ariani Goni, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Syuhaida Ismail, , Jifi Jaromir Klemes, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol 71, 15 May 2014, Pages 139-147
    • “ A case-based reasoning approach for design of machining fixture” Heidar Hashemi, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Izman Sudin International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Sept 2014
    • “Fixture Designers Guidance: A Review of Recent Advanced Approaches” Heidar Hashemi, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, S Izman  JJMIE, Vol 8, Number 6, December 2014 pages 377-384
    • “Shared Knowledge mediated correlation between cultural excellence and organisational performance” Ghasem Rezaei, Hamed Gholami, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Muhamed Zameri Mat Saman, Laleh Sadeghi & Norhayati Zakuan, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence 31 Oct 2015
    • “Sustainable Maintenance Performance Measures: A Pilot Survey in Malaysian Automotive Companies” Emelia Sari, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Azanizawati Ma’Aram, A. Mohd Yazid, 12th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Procedia CIRP 26 pages 442-448, 2015
    • “Pattern Recognition on Remanufacturing Automotive Component as Support Decision Making Using Mahalanobis-Taguchi System” A. Mohd Yazid, J Khairur Rijal M. S. Awaluddin, Emelia Sari12th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Procedia CIRP 26 pages 558-263, 2015
    • “Relationship between culture of excellence and organizational performance in Iranian Manufacturing Companies” Ghasem Rezaei, Abbas Mardani, Aslan Amat Senin, Kwan Yew Wong, Laleh Sadeghi, Manoochechr Najmi and Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence 07 April 2016
    • “Relationship among culture of excellence, organisational performance and knowledge sharing: Proposed conceptual framework”, International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management 19(4):446 - 465 Ghasem Rezaii, Hamid Gholami, Awaluddin M Shaharoun,, Manoocher Najmi November 2016
    • “A Masterplan for the implementation of sustainable enterprise resource planning systems (part 1) concept and methodology’, Abdoulmohammed Gholamzadeh Chofreh, Feybi Ariani Goni, Syuhaida Ismail, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Jifi Jaromir Klemes, Masoomeh Zainalezhad, Journal of Cleaner Production 30th May 2016


    Conference Proceedings (2010 – 2016)

    • " An Introspective Study on Students’ Motivation, Understanding andPerformance in Engineering Statics, Habibah Norehan, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun and Dr Marlia Puteh American Society for Engineering Education, Conference Singapore 2010
    • “The Influence of Ergonomics On Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Legislation in Malaysia” (2011) Rozlina Md Sirat,    Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun and Syed Abdul Hamid Syed Hassan, Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 22 -24 2011
    • “Propose Maintenance Performance Measures for Manufacturing Companies” (2012), Emilia Sari and Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering & Management Systems Conference 2012, Bangkok Thailand, December 2-5 2012
    • “Perceptions of Ergonomics Importance at Workplace and Safety Culture amongst Safety and Health (SH) Practitioners in Malaysia” (2012), Rozlina Md Sirat, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Syed Abdul Hamid Syed Hassan and Norhayati Zakuan, World Congress on Engineering 2012.Volume 1, July 4-6 2012
    • “The Mediating Impact of Ergonomics Between Existing Safety Culture and Targeted Safety Culture Amongst Safety and Health (SH) Practitioners”(2012), Rozlina Md Sirat, Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Norhayati Zakuan and Syed Abdul Hamid Syed Hassan, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, December 10-13 2012

    Books and Book Chapters

    • Chapter 1:

    Thesis Supervision - PhD

    Mohamad Khalid OmarAn integrated approach to production planning and scheduling for multiple products batch with intermittent demand1999UTMcompleted
    Adnan HassanOn-line recognition of developing control chart patterns2002UTMcompleted
    Muriati MuktharA contingency framework for analysing supply chain performance2006UTMcompleted
    Norhayati Mohd ZakuanStructural analysis of total quality management,ISO/TS16949 and organizational performance in Malaysian and Thailand automotive industry2009UTMcompleted
    Iwan VananyA framework for assessing the viability of radio frequency identification project in healthcare sector2011UTMcompleted
    Hamid AladpooshThe effectiveness of project management by stakeholders in enhancing project and stakeholder management2011UTMcompleted
    Mohamad 0ktaviandariA decision support tool for dynamic job shop scheduling2012UTMcompleted
    Habibah @Norehan binti HaronSelf-regulated learning strategies, concept understanding and performance in statics2012UTMcompleted
    Anwar AliHigh fidelity simulation models for equipment performance prediction in semiconductor industry2013UTMcompleted
    Ab. Rahim bin JusohA reference model of a step-NC data generator for prismatic part2013UTMcompleted
    Abdoul Mohammad Gholamzadeh ChofrehA masterplan for the implementation of sustainable enterprise resource planning system2015UTMcompleted
    Heidar HashemiA new case-based reasoning approach in computer-aided fixture design2015UTMcompleted
    Ghasem RezaeiRelationship between culture of excellence and orgaizational performance with    knowledge sharing as mediating role2015UTMcompleted
    Rozlina Mat SiratSafety Culture and the Mediating Effect of Ergonomics Awareness2016UTMcompleted
    Bijan Ganji JameshooranThe moderating effect of web service on the relationship between business analytics and supply chain performance2016UTMcompleted
    Emilia SariUse of Balance Scorecards for Maintenance Performance Management of Organisations2017UTMcompleted
    Farshad BehrouziA Balanced Score card and measures for Public and Private Hospitals in Klang Valley2017UTMcompleted

    Seminars Given/ Consultancies

    • Adviser to SMT Khartoum Sudan 2017-2020 Strategic Planning Initiative June 2016 and from 15th July- 1st Aug 2016
    • Conducted Short Course on Change Management and Leadership from15th July -2 August 2016 for Sudan Masters Technology (SMT), Khartoum  Sudan
    • Conducted Short Course on Change Management and Leadership from 2-5th Aug 2016 for Ministry of Human Development & Labour, Khartoum State, Sudan
    • “Academic Talent Management”- Study and proposals for change conducted on behalf of Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education in support of The Strategic Plan For The transformation Of Malaysian Higher Educatton—Member of Consultant Panel August 2010
    • Emergent or New Technologies Affecting the Manufacturing Sector – Study for National Committee for Coordination and Transfer of Technologies for drafting of Industrial Masterplan- April 1988- April 1989 . Status: Completed Role: Leader of Panel of consultants
    • Setting up of manufacturing facility for assembly of automotive water pump for Syarikat Rahman Brothers; (1996) 3 month project. Status: Completed Role: Member of Panel of consultants
    • Assessment of Rapid Prototyping Technology and Proposal for setting up an RP Bureau at UTM for Bureau of Innovation and Consultancy, UTM; (1996) 6 month study Status: Completed Role: Leader of Panel of consultants
    • Johore Industrial Masterplan- Machinery and Manufacturing Cluster (1997)-Part of a study carried out by Malaysian Institute of Economics Research (MIER) 12 month study Status: Completed Role: Member of Panel of Consultants
    • Simulation using Witness Software of possible material handling for proposed plant layout at Antara Steel Mill, Pasir Gudang, Johore (1997) 1 month study Status: Completed  Role: Member of Panel of Consultants
    • Study of Production Strategies and their impact on Inventory levels at Proton Automobile Manufacturing Plant in Shah Alam using Witness Simulation Software- Jointly conducted between UTM, Proton and CIMTEK PTE LTD, Singapore. 6 month study Status: Completed Role: Research Supervisor

    Courses Taught

    Undergraduate Level (Since 1994)

    ·SMI 4851Design of Systems (1998)
    ·SMM 3803Introduction To Industrial Engineering (1996)
    ·SMM 3703Manufacturing Technology (1995)
    ·DJJ 3803

    Introduction to Industrial Engineering (1996,1997)

    (Diploma Level)

    ·SMI/U 5861Advanced Manufacturing Technology (July 1996/1997-Mechanical Students)
    ·SJJ 5883Project Management (Disember 1995/1996)
    ·SMM 4712Manufacturing Automation (Disember 1997/1998)
    ·SMI 5862Advanced Manufacturing Technology (December 2000, December 2002)
    ·SMJ 4961Technical Report Writing (December 2001
    ·SMJ 4802

    Professional Practice (December 2004)




    ME 211Materials Science (UIM) 2016
    ·ME 334Manufacturing Technology (UIM) 2016
    ·ME 472Powerplant and Desalination (shared teaching) (UIM) 2017


    Postgraduate Level (Since 1994)


    ·          MIM 1143Project Management (July 1997, Dec 1998)
    ·          MIU 1101

    Current Issues in Engineering Management

    (April 1998, April 1999, December 2000)

    ·          MIU 1113

    Engineering and Technology Management

    (July 1997, July 1998, July 2000, December 2000, July 2001, July 2002, July 2003, July 2004)

    ·          MHM 2693Technology Management (July 1998)
    ·          MMP 1613Product Development and Manufacture (December 2000, December 2001, December 2002, December 2003, December 2004)
    ·          MRB 1042Technology Management and Innovation (December 2003, July 2004; December 2005 (International Business School(IBS)-MBA Programme)
    ·          MRB 3072Project Management  December 2004 (International Business School (IBS)-MBA Programme)
    ·          MDE 2583Project Management (2013 – 206)
    ·          MDP 2093Change Management (2013 – 2016)


    • Member of Board of Engineers Malaysia
    • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), USA
    • Executive Board Member of Malaysian Chapter of Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC) & IEM-FEIIC National Monitoring Committee 2007-2008
    • Member of Malaysian Society of Engineers and Technologists (MSET)
  • All praise is due to Allah and may his peace and blessings be upon the noblest of prophets and messengers our Prophet Mohammed, his family, companions and allies.

    It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering which is one of the most recently established applied science faculties at the Islamic University in Medina. It started offering its academic programs in the academic year of 1434/1435 AH and has since occupied a leading position among other Islamic oriented institutions as a result of its state of the art quality based education systems. Our faculty also provides grants to students from all over the world in alignment with the international mission of the Islamic University to develop a diverse cohort of local and international students in various disciplines while maintaining excellence and leadership in both teaching and research.

    As per the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision, the Faculty of Engineering is looking forward to promoting purposeful engineering and scientific research activity that contributes to the economic and societal development of the local and global community.

    I ask Allah the Almighty to help and guide our students, faculty members, administrators, technicians and employees to what he loves and is pleased by.