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    Steps Employed By Evaltools® 6 to Calculate the EAMU Vectors

    • Faculty use EvalTools® 6 Assignment Setup Module to identify an assignment with a set of specific questions or split an assignment to use a specific question or sub question with relative high coverage of a certain PI mapping to CO, ABET SO (for EAMU calculation).
    • EvalTools® 6 removes students who received DN, F, W or I in a course from EAMU vector calculations, and enters student scores on the selected assignments, questions for remaining students.
    • EvalTools® 6 calculates for each student the weighted average percentage on the assessments, set of questions selected by faculty. Weights are set according to the product of their percentage in the course grading scale and multiplication factor based on the course format and entered in the weighting factor section of the Assignment Setup Module.
    • EvalTools® 6 usesthe average percentage to determine how many students fall into the EAMU categories using the pre-selected assessment criteria.
    • EvalTools® 6 calculates the EAMU average rating by rescaling to 5 for a weighted average based on a 3 point scale (refer to the equation below for EAMU average for scale of 3).


    Example of PIs EAMU vector calculation employing weighting factors.

    In the example shown in Table for PI EAMU vector and its average computation employing weighting factors for various types of assessments, assessments Hw3 and Hw8 are selected for measuring a specific PI ABET_PI_5_3. These assessments are weighted (application of weighting factor according to course grading policy and multiplication factor depending upon the course format; let us say arbitrarily those are 5% for Hw3 and 7% for Hw8), added together and then normalized to 100 for each student. The PI EAMU classification for each student in the class (indicated by data in the second column from the left labeled PI_5_3) is obtained from this weighted and normalized to 100 score (right most column labeled percent-weighted). The PI EAMU vector (3,1,1,2) for the class is obtained from the counts of various individual student PI EAMU classifications which are 3 Excellent: scores >=  90%, 1 Adequate: scores >= 75% and < 90%, 1 Minimal: scores >= 60% and < 75% and 2 Unsatisfactory: scores < 60%. Finally the average of the EAMU vector for this specific PI_5_3is 2.86 which is obtained after rescaling to 5 the 3 point scale PI EAMU average value computed as per the EAMU equation discussed earlier.