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    The Learning Domains Wheel


    Learning domains wheel for snapshot analysis of selection of learning domains with the perspective of realistic outcomes measurement of various engineering specializations. (c)  2016 Wajid Hussain

    Crucial guidelines were logically derived from the Learning Domains Wheel for the selection of the learning domains categories as follows:

    1. Very broad learning domains categories consist of many skills sets that will present difficulty in classification of PIs when grouped with other categories and will result in redundancy of outcomes data. For example, interpersonal skills grouped with IT, communication or psychomotor, etc.
    2. Avoid selection of any two skills sets as learning domains categories when one is an absolute subset of another; just select either the most relevant one or the one which is a whole set. For example, select cognitive or numeric skills, but not both; if both are required, select cognitive as a category since it is a whole set. Numeric skills, its subset, can be classified as a cognitive skill.
    3. If selecting a certain skills set that is a whole set as a learning domains category, then it should not contain any other skills sets which are required to be used as learning domains categories; e.g., do not select affective as a learning domains category since it is a whole set if you also plan on selecting teamwork skills as a category.
    4. A learning domain category could contain skills sets which will not be utilized for PIs classification; e.g., affective learning domain category containing leadership, teamwork and professional ethics skills sets; leadership, teamwork and professional ethics will NOT be a learning domain category but will be classified as affective domain skill sets.