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    Praise be to Allah who has guided us to the blessing of Islam and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad to whom Allah has sent to teach the human being the Quran and wisdom, and peace be upon on his righteous family and companions. Faculty of Engineering in the Islamic University Madinah (IUM) is established to become a part of a university that participating in shaping Muslim society worldwide.

    The Faculty of engineering of Islamic University seeks to produce nurture leaders for the engineering profession with skills of engineering and technology. The students should develop an attitude of life-long learning, as opined by the Society for Technical Education. Hence, a multi-phased learning culture is being developed at our campus with experience Faulty members who use their own strategies. The Faculty of Engineering offers a world-class, challenging and well-balanced learning environment to produce excellent engineering graduates for tomorrow’s technology. With a team that is recognized for its teaching excellence and innovative research, the Faculty of Engineering is established to graduate the next generation innovative engineers who will be equipped with skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on industry and society worldwide.

    Dr. Saleh Al Ahmadi

    Dean, Faculty of Engineering

    Islamic University of Madinah