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    The Alumni department of the Islamic University is responsible to promote and increase involvement and support for the University in many ways by building and improving relationships with alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, and associations. The Alumni department mandate is to provide an opportunity for its members to improve, by their own participation, those programs and undertakings which will contribute to their personal growth and overall development, and also the prestige, and advancement of the Islamic University. Similarly, improving the social, cultural and business relationships among alumni and friends is important goal. We add value to the lives of alumni and students through our services with active involvement of alumni and friends, we enhance the University’s reputation through communication, the celebration of success, and the development of lifelong relationships with graduates, past, present and future. Our alumni go on to hold positions of leadership in both the public and private sectors. With each passing year, the success and impact of our fellow alumni are increasing the degree and the strength of our network. The alumni Department is also responsible for facilitating career guidance, job search, and the relationship with students after graduation. It is also responsible for updating the addresses and contacts of the alumni and maintaining a computerized database for their information, preparing for different activities that introduce the employers and students to each other, arranging orientation sessions for successful job searches, participating in the annual graduation ceremonies, and providing employers with requested information regarding the alumni for the purpose of recruitment.