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  • Faculty of Engineering Research Areas

    The Faculty of Engineering staff have diverse interests and activities in various fields of engineering and education research. They regularly conduct state of the art research with prominent publications, books, conference proceedings and world class journals


    Department of Civil Engineering

    • Smart and sustainable structures for the development of Harem Medina and Mecca.
    • Consistency of Saudi Building and International Codes related to Steel, Glass and Aluminum.
    • Geothermal Energy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Collapsible and Expansive soils in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Seismic Retrofitting and strengthening of high-rise buildings in Madina.
    • Modeling and analysis of highway bridges in Madinah.
    • Transportation safety education for young drivers in Madina.


    Department of Electrical Engineering

    • Renewable Energy and control.        
    • Hybrid smart Cars.                                   
    • Hybrid Air Conditioners.        
    • Smart Grid technology.               
    • 5G antenna and communication systems.                                          
    • Photonics and Plasmonic.                        
    • Real-time automated surveillance in restricted areas and crowed movement tracking.

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    • Additive manufacturing. 
    • Cooling and Refrigerating using Solar or Waste Energy.
    • Materials mechanical characterization of advanced materials. 
    • Design and manufacturing of machine components by FEM and experimentation. 
    • Sustainable energy generation, utilization and management. 

    Office of Quality and Accreditation

    • Digital Technology in Assessment
    • Streamlining CQI Efforts
    • Capstone Design and Course Projects,
    • Team Work Assessments
    • Lab Work Assessments
    • Academic Advising Based on Outcomes,
    • FCAR Applied for CQI
    • Program Evaluations and CQI
    • Formative Assessments
    • Metacognitive reflection for learning
    • Pedagogy