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  • 1. Introduction:

    The Faculty of Engineering Academic Advising Committee plans, monitors, and evaluates all activities related to academic advising in the ME program. The general activities include advising students regarding registration processes, academic performance, graduation and academic policies affecting student progress and retention. The Faculty s academic advising team is dedicated to all students’ success and will strive to help them make choices that will lead to academic and personal achievement.

    Academic advisors are the primary source of contact in the ME/EE/CE programs to assist students through every step of their engineering education at the Islamic University. The academic advisors are available for one hour daily to help, support and encourage students in a variety of matters related to their academic life in the University.

  • 2. Academic Advising Schedule:

    The advising schedule for the ME/EE/CE programs is as shown below:

    1. First Week: follow up of course registration advice from past term
    2. Post Mid-term 1: academic performance and outcomes
    3. Before Final Exam: current term academic performance and future term course registration
  • 3. Student Advisor duties

  • 3. 1 General duties

    The academic advisors should:

    • Address questions and concerns related to all aspects of student life - academic or personal.
    • Discuss academic progress and standing.
    • Interpret academic policies and explain academic procedures.
    • Meet his students at least three times a semester and develop a good relationship with them.
    • Emphasize the importance of attendance and discipline during their studies
    • Share an academic advising schedule with them
    • Announce advising/office hours
    • Answer their questions and welcome their visit and communications
    • Assist new students in understanding the study plan at the Faculty and make proper selection of major field of study
    • Provide graduating students guidance in selecting an appropriate specialization or career path
    • Assist students with on time remediation of academic failures to support improvement of students retention at the Faculty.
    • Encourage students to participate in student extra-curricular activities at the Faculty
    • Help in planning the student s course of study and monitor and follow up the student s progress
    • Provide tips for academic success.
  • 3. 2 Prepare Student Academic File

    The academic advisor must prepare a student academic file for each of his students. The file is identified by the name of the student, department and University ID. The essential documents that comprise the student academic file are:

    • A copy of Personal Student Information form.
    • A copy of student course time table for the current semester.
    • A copy of the student s academic record.
    • A copy of documentation related to add/drop course, excuse for absence, course withdrawal etc.
    • A copy of the academic prerequisite form
  • 3. 3 Advisee Meetings

    The advisors record all student meetings, discussions with students and recommendations on EvalTools®. Refer to section A.1.6 Description of Academic Advising in Criterion 4 for a detailed description of the advising module provided by EvalTools®

  • 3. 4 Supervision for dropping and adding courses

    The advisor should:

    • Discuss with students their reasons for dropping/adding courses and provides appropriate guidance
    • Check the fulfillment of term wise credit hours enrollment to instruct/guide the students with alternate plans for course registration once a certain course is added/dropped
    • Ensure that all course add/drop forms are properly filled.
    • Keep a copy of the course drop/add form in the Student Academic File.
  • 3.5 Forms for academic advising:

    The Table 2 lists several standard Islamic University forms that are utilized by academic advisors for various student requests or cases for advising.
    Table 2: Islamic University Academic Advising Student forms

    SNo. Form Type Description
    1 Student’s Personal Information (SPI) This form should be filled by the student in the first meeting with the academic advisor. It contains the student s detailed personal information and contacts.
    2 Add/Drop Form To add/drop courses which is approved by the Academic Advisor and the Dean.
    3 Absence Excuse Form To obtain excuse of absence which is approved by the Academic Advisor and Academic Advising Unit
    4 Makeup Exams Form To obtain a make-up exam schedule approved by the Examination Committee and the concerned instructor
    5 Mid Semester Progress Report Prepared by the academic advisor who has access to the student academic report
    6 Student Academic Report and Propose Courses Form Prepared by the academic advisor, an end of term report containing grades of the student and containing recommendations for next semester courses.
    7 Complaint/Appeal Form To appeal regrade of an exam and approved by the Examination Committee
    8 Course Withdrawing Form To withdraw from course(s) is/are approved by the Academic Advisor and the Dean.
    9 Semester Withdrawing Form To withdraw from the semester and approved by the Academic Advisor and the Dean.
    10 Prerequisite Form To be filled by the academic advisor to check students’ adherence to degree plan