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  • Career Guidance

    The Student advising committee provide career resources and assistance to students throughout their academic years in the faculty.

    • Before enrolling in the engineering faculty, scientific show for the prep year student is conducted. Representative of the three scientific college (Science, Computer science and Engineering) shows some basic information of their college (departments, type of study, field of work, etc). All the prep year students are invited to this show
    • For engineering students, a welcoming event were conducted every semester for the new students and the department’s coordinator give a lecture about their department (Plan, career, field of work, faculty staff, work opportunity).
    • During the academic year, many seminars/lectures were conducted related to some technical topics (software, technology, post graduate studies, scholarships, maintenance, etc) to increase the students skills.
    • Special programs were conducted to the expected graduate students (how to write professional resumes, identify internship opportunities, conduct informational interviews, apply to graduate school, how to prepare Qyas exam, prepare for interviews and develop job search strategies)